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A. Tax Preparation......
Individuals: We provide tax services for all 50 states
for current and prior year (amended returns). Prices start
at $85 for the simplest return, to include a Federal and one
State return and E-filing both returns. If additional
states are needed, then Part Year state return is probably
in order, which often cannot be E-filed. Generally,
your Federal return can still be E-filed. The $85
baseline price increases with the number of additional forms
required to be filed in your return. Your E-filed Federal return
can NOW be tracked via a link on our website!

INTRODUCTORY NEW CLIENT FEE for Basic tax return (1040A): $79.95!!!!
Returning Clients: pass on the coupons you received from us in your year end letter!

Small Businesses: If you are a sole proprietor, a Schedule C
must be filed with your individual return to report your net
income/loss. Self Employment taxes, Depreciation, and
Office in Home are often prepared with a Schedule C.
Prices for small businesses start at $125. Partnerships
start at $175.

B. Retirement and Tax Planning....
This is a new area where we can profoundly help the average
tax return of Baby Boomers. If you have
investments and receive payments from an annuity or
pension plan, you may be paying tax on more of your
Social Security benefits than is necessary.
Call for a planning appointment. We do consulting
services after tax season and it is based on a per hour
fee of $50/hour.

C. School Financial Aid Form Completion....
More and more clients' children are nearing college years,
and likewise we are consulting more, as the
paperwork for these colleges grow and grow.

D. IRS or State Letter Resolution....
If you receive a letter from either State or Federal department,
it is ALWAYS wise to let the professionals look it over
and consult with you on proper resolution. Just because the
IRS letter says you owe "$xxx.xx", does not mean you really
do.... In fact, approximately 80% of responses for our clients
result in a correction to a misfiling when clients filed their
own return or misfiled tax statements.

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